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Wellness 3

Wellness are the way our bodies communicate and let us know what is going on and where we need to change our thinking. Every sickness is first an idea or feeling we hold. All of us generate and repress negative thoughts and emotions, and these can cause physical pain and symptoms of disease. The real truth about disease is that there really is nothing to heal but a false belief. Drop this false belief and the disease disappears.

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Memory 3

Memory improves with repetition, connection and application. The study system you will learn on a good NLP Training would include building study a study system that includes outcomes that have meaning and relevance, review processes that include repetition to bolster your memory and visualising your mastery of knowledge and skills for applications.

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MR. ROHIT SAHU is india's leading NLP counselor, Motivational speaker & Life coach.


"We aim at developing human potential. We offer high quality, yet moderately priced human transformational skills. Doing so, we view ourselves as partners with our clients. Our mission is to empower people so that they can create innovative solutions and make informed choices to improve their lives. We try our best to motivate, encourage and empower people to achieve their personal and professional fulfillment."

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I have been offering a number of NLP training in India. My generative learning methodology uniquely helps participants learn and practice NLP in a simple way.

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Wellness cube workshop (Happy Mind Disease free body) How can you use your stress positively.Erase your past painful memories.Solve your present ongoing problem.Get new powerful imprints for bright future.How can you win from your stress,anxity,Depression,phobia,guilt,unwanted triggers. in this workshop you will lwarn how to heal your mind for rewardful life.

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Memory qube workshop (Art of learning and confidence) In this workshop you will learn to use your subconscious mind for becoming a super-smart will learn to memoryies your study content with long will learn to deal all problems of student life like subject/exam/stage fear etc.Cariour counseling,according to your senses of mind.

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Individual NLP Counseling

Counseling is a Symbol Of Prosperousness

we provide Individual Counseling for Deleting the Pattern of Stress, Anxity, Depression, Phobia, Guilt, Failure, Addiction, Past Painful memories, Present on going issues,Unclear Future, OCD, Allergy, Obesity, pain, Migraine, Asthma, Psychosomatic Disease, Cancer, Behaviour of teenagers, Relationship, Unwanted triggers, Subject/exam/stage fear.

Note you can join wellness qube workshop or meet for NLP counseling.

Neuro-linguistic programming

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. ... In NLP, we have a saying: the conscious mind is the aimer, and the subconscious mind is the achiver.

NLP Workshop

NLP Wellness 3 Workshop

Any unresolved suppressed issue is the disease-causing blueprint for the mind. All of us, one time or the other, have emotional reactions that come in our way. You may have fears that keep you from moving forward. Feeling scared, jealous, insecure, burdened with guilt are some of the emotions that can prevent you from going ahead and succeeding in your mission. When such issues remain unresolved, they become the perfect designs for the disaster at the physical level. Many a time we try to suppress the reactions cause by these issues, yet the reality is that the emotion frequently returns often even stronger and disturbs body-mind alignment and discounts personal congruence.

NLP Memory 3 Workshop

Memory is very important and powerful asset of our life. This is the greatest power of ourmind. We can easily say that it is the utmost treasure gifted to us by God. But,unfortunately people are using just a small percentage of their memory. Memory ispivotal in all facets of life. Now, the fact which we need to understand is that every bodyhas unlimited memory but to use memory in maximum percentage is an art that must belearned. Memory is important for all age people. This memory workshop reveals the bestmemory methods ever devised.You will learn the ancient techniques given by theRomans and Greeks to create harmony between two spheres of brain thus, enabling youto use them to tackle your routine tasks and challenges.


  • Overcome any negative state like Anger, anxiety, frustration, boredom etc.
  • Get rid of any habits and behaviors that are distracting you to achieve your desired goals.
  • Develop your self confidence.
  • Build your lost interest in any subject or studies.